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Russian bath
Russian bath
In Russia, rest in the bathhouse has always been a particularly revered tradition, which has become an integral part of the national color. The healing effect of the Russian bath is based on the simultaneous effect of water and steam at an air temperature of 70-90°C. 
It's great to take a steam bath with a broom, enjoy a relaxing buckwheat or honey massage: there is no trace of fatigue! Add to this the benefits of medicinal plants that enhance the health effect of soaring, and you will get a panacea for all ills in our hotel "aquamarine" with the best baths in the Crimea! 
The services of a bathhouse attendant and a masseur, as well as a broom are paid additionally.
Traditional massage with a brooma Russian steam room + massage with a broom 60 min 1450 rub.
Traditional bath Russian steam room + broom massage + hand relaxing massage with moisturizing oils 90 min 2250 rub.
Living bath Russian steam bath + massage with a broom + buckwheat massage 60 min 2600 rub.
Children's vaping Russian steam room + salt peeling with olive oil + broom massage + hand relaxing massage with moisturizing oils 40 min 1250 rub.

The Turkish hamam has the highest humidity, the temperature in such conditions is felt much more strongly than in a dry space, therefore it is maintained in the range of 45–60 ° C, which does not have a stressful effect to the body. Such a microclimate is useful and pleasant for a person. Aromatherapy massages and peels with organic compounds might enhance the effect of invigoration and rejuvenation.

Комплексный пилинг тела на выбор: «Кофейная овсянка с медом» (кофе, овсянка, мед); «Морская гладь» (морская соль) «Мед и соль» (медово-соляной пилинг) «Сливочный кофе с медом» (сливочно-медово-кофейный пилинг) 60 минут 1650 руб.
«Пенный массаж в хамаме» 60 минут 1850 руб.
«Солевой хамам» солевой пилинг + мыльный массаж + умасливание арома маслами 90 минут 1790 руб.
«Медовый хамам» медово-кофейный пилинг + мыльный массаж + умасливание арома маслами 90 минут 1850 руб.
«Турецкий кофе» кофейный пилинг + мыльный массаж + умасливание какао маслом 90 минут 1820 руб.
«Клеопатра в хаммаме» овсяный пилинг + пенный массаж + умасливание арома маслами + шоколадное обертывание 120 минут 3350 руб.
Roman Thermae
Roman Thermae
Historically, Roman baths (baths) were located near natural thermal springs, and the richness of the decoration was comparable to the Palace of the Emperor. The peculiarity of the Roman baths at relatively low temperatures (45°C) and high humidity. This helps to cleanse and improve the body, its delicate rejuvenation. You can enhance the effect with the help of massages with aroma oils, peels on natural bases.
Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna
The difference of the Finnish bath is that the temperature in the steam room can reach 130-160oC, which is much higher than the temperature in the Russian bath. The difference in humidity in the steam room: if in the Russian bath this figure reaches 90%, the Finnish sauna has a humidity of not more than 20-25%. Another difference between the Finnish sauna and the Russian bath is the absence of brooms and a steamer, because at such a high temperature, the Mahi of the broom can easily burn the skin. It is important to note a slight difference from the sauna bath. In the bath the usual structure to cool down after the steam room is a font with cold water (sometimes even ice). As for the sauna, the Finns are more familiar with the usual pool with water at room temperature, where you can swim after the steam room.