Aquamarine resort has a modern Medical SPA center, which makes it one of the best Spa hotels in the Crimea.

Aquamarine Medical SPA is a complex Spa treatment, which is based on the use of local natural healing resources, supplemented by medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, balneology, mud treatment, as well as a number of different health programs.

  • Improve physical fitness
  • Relieve tension and stress
  • To restore the contours of the body
  • To improve the work of internal organs
We offer a variety of innovative treatments in the field of health and rejuvenation. A highly qualified team of specialists Aquamarine Medical SPA will help You to achieve all these goals.

Combine your vacation with a wholesome Spa treatment. We offer You a modern and holistic concept, which is based on the areas of "SPA", "Spa treatment", "Cellular detox", which are beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone: +7 (978) 900 50 50